L Titovets BUFFET LINE 8x16.25 ap.JPG




Life is a dreadful thing. The people who we love are leaving us. The illnesses are coming and wearing us out. Nature and human beings are breaking the rules more and more often. The whole world is shaking with troubles. Chaos is covering the lands and the minds. I want to save the world! But, I'm too small and  weak to do it. I'm almost hopeless and just want to cry, but conversation, plain canvas, and brushes can help me forget about all of  these and go against the chaos! I am like a child with the little building blocks in the middle of the big mess, stacking up something on my canvas. It seems I know now how to say it and I'm starting over...

I hope these few pages will take you away from your worries and you will visit this "little island" for a few minutes and it will bring some good clear thoughts, dreams, or at least a smile to your face.

Lyuba Titovets